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Fruit Volcano Freshie Air Freshener-Tropical Foliage & Summer Fruit

Fruit Volcano Freshie Air Freshener-Tropical Foliage & Summer Fruit

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Fragrance Notes :Tropical Foliage & Summer Fruit

Fruit Volcano air Freshener Freshie is a unique and exotic air freshener that will take you on a tropical journey. A blend of juicy pineapple, sweet goji berry and ripe mango creates an unforgettable fragrance that evokes the sunny warmth of summer days spent in paradise. Driftwood adds a subtle touch of smokiness to this island-inspired scent, inspired by Capri Blue’s popular Volcano perfume. Whether it’s for yourself in your car, closet, or small space, or as a special gift, Fruit Volcano air freshener Freshie is sure to bring out your fruity side!

Product Details

Handcrafted in Rockaway NJ

1.6oz/ 46G

freshie will last about 1-2 months give or take depending on fragrance

Great for cars, closets or small spaces. 


Care & Safety instructions

-You can use your air freshener in any small space like a closet or your car.
-The scent can last 3-5 weeks and sometimes longer depending on scent.
-Do not lay your freshener down on the hard surfaces as it contains scented oil and can stain.
-Keep out of reach of children and pets.
-This is not a toy! Do not consume.
-Do not place this in a wax burner or attempt to melt it.
-May melt in extreme temperatures over 100 F and direct sunlight.
-Your nose may start to get used to the scent making it hard for you to realize that your car or small area is still freshly scented! If you can no longer smell the scent, remove it from your car, place it back in an air-tight storage bag for a few days and then place it back in your car.

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Customer Reviews

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Smells amazing!

I love it! The scent smells amazing and last a very long time!

I like this one also. It’s so refreshing. Enjoy